WorkflowOne is the integration platform connecting your device to all hospital systems, providing all the data for advanced statistics and analytics, and moving one step closer to computer-assisted personalized medicine.

Intuitive graphic user interfaces, modern web-based technologies, and protocol-based management significantly simplify the execution of clinical workflows.


Personalized Workspace

  • Task list, clinical calendar view
  • Role-specific view

Protocol-based Management

  • Definable by hospital clinical users themselves
  • Storing and editing protocols, for later, faster use
  • Creation of daily adaptive (re-planning) protocols

Image Review and Analysis

  • PACS viewer
  • Image visualization and fusion

Patient and EMR Management

  • Standalone or via integration with HIS
  • Ensuring quick access to patient records for more efficient care
  • Paperless environment

Admin Workspace

  • Allows hospital clinical users to create and manage clinical workflows easily and efficiently, and according to hospital-specific needs


  • Integration with other hospital systems (HIS, RIS, billing, etc.) according to the standard protocols
  • Fast data exchange between Record and Verify and Treatment Planning System
  • Verified for all modern web browsers


  • Modern and intuitive GUIs
  • Stable and high responsiveness
  • Easy access that doesn’t require client installation (designed for mobile and tablet use)


Flexible workflows created by clinical users

Workflows are easily defined by clinical users, with all the flexibility they need. This avoids the costly and time-consuming process of other OIS providers.

Streamlines radiation therapy workflows

Streamlined protocol-based workflow management is facilitated by WorkflowOne. Clinics can easily implement a paperless environment.





Ready for adaptive therapy

Featuring fast data exchange between Record and Verify and Treatment Planning Systems. Allows creation of daily adaptive (re-planning) protocols.

Central point for data and communication

Includes a comprehensive integration platform for different hospital systems (HIS, RIS, billing). This reduces administrative overhead.

Intuitive and modern GUIs

Allowing users to execute workflows efficiently and safely, ensuring stability and high responsiveness.

Easy access that doesn't require client installation

Web-based technologies make it easy to use for mobile and tablet devices.

Worldwide Support

We are committed to providing the highest quality SW solutions, with reliable support and maintenance for the entire life cycle of your radiation therapy device.

With worldwide subsidiaries, 20 years of experience, and more than 300 highly skilled employees, we are here for you every step of the way, to bring your device to life!

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