AcceleratorOne supports all standard accelerator types, including protons, carbons and other particles.

AcceleratorOne offers a complete, reliable development platform that significantly accelerates the development of your beamline.


Operator GUIs

  • Control and monitoring of all accelerator devices
  • Running on a single computer or a hand-held device (tablet)
  • Platform independent (MS Windows, Linux, Oracle Solaris, VMWare iOS 6 or higher)
  • Based on the scalable WinCC OA SCADA software, which can handle up to 10 million tags

Services for Processing

  • Coordination of all accelerator devices into clinically meaningful workflow
  • Automatization, display and reporting of accelerator commissioning tasks (beam optics)
  • High performance streaming of data between multiple data providers and receivers over an IP network
  • Dynamic management of front end controllers, enabling the deployment of an entire control system in minutes
  • Centralised logging with included rich remote log viewer
  • Save and restore

Core Frameworks

  • Modular LabVIEW-based framework that enables easier integration of all devices into a functioning accelerator control system
  • Central timing system synchronizes the operation of hundreds of devices distributed across the entire accelerator with great temporal resolution



Developed in accordance with medical standards: ISO 13485, ISO 14971 and IEC 62304, IEC 60601 family, IEC 62366-1, AcceleratorOne comes with all documentation required for certification.

Standardized and modular

Designed to integrate with a wide array of hardware interfaces to fulfil your unique installation requirements.

Reduced risks

Extensively tested in a wide range of clinical environments, AcceleratorOne reduces risks associated with custom one-off developments.

Shorten time to treat confidently

As a part of the OncologyOne Product Suite or as a standalone component integrated into your existing system, AcceleratorOne confidently shortens the time to clinical delivery.

Worldwide Support

We are committed to providing the highest quality SW solutions, with reliable support and maintenance for the entire life cycle of your radiation therapy device.

With worldwide subsidiaries, 20 years of experience, and more than 300 highly skilled employees, we are here for you every step of the way, to bring your device to life!

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