Bring your device to life.

OncologyOne is a modular suite of medical grade software products, enabling seamless integration and shortest time to market.

Cosylab enables manufacturers high level integration with a simple and safe operation for any radiation therapy device, from LINACs to complex devices for Particle Therapy and BNCT.



Competitive advantage by lowering your time-to-market and development risks

A fixed cost and delivery date

Medical software documentation necessary for the certification of the whole device (CE, FDA, NMPA)

ISO 13485 certification simplifies the supply management process

Worldwide support, remote and on the customer premises

Development towards new technologies (FLASH, adaptive)

Medical Services

With you every step of the way.

OncologyOne product suite is complemented by a full range of medical services for the development of any custom software and hardware that you may require.

Medical services removes your need to employ large, in-house development teams, ensures on-time delivery, and includes complete documentation according to required medical standards.

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